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  • FLASH Kit


  • Brand: LASER AMMO
  • Product Code: FLASHKIT
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The FLASH Kit includes SureStrikeTM Airsoft CCW adapter and the The SureStrikeTM Vibration cartridge.

The FLASH Kit allows you to use your stock airsoft rifle to practice your shooting drills safely in your own home, or practice with your friends “force on force” training. Activated by the vibration of the Airsoft, the SureStrikeTM will emit a laser and activate any Laser Ammo electronic target or simulator, and can be customized for specific orders to work with Laser Tag hardware or even MILES gear. Develop & maintain your shooting skills: practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through.

The LA FLASH is a high-end CNC machined flash suppressor adapter that replaces the stock flash guard on any “off the shelf” Airsoft rifles. 

The SureStrikeTM Vibration cartridge is a 9mm cartridge that activates by the Vibration of the Airsoft and not by the firing pin like the conventional SureStrikeTM laser cartridge.

Offer Includes:

  • 9mm Vibration Cartridge for the FLASH
  • Battery Pack
  • 3 reflective targets
  • FLASH Adapter CCW for Airsoft Rifles 

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