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  • R.E.A.L. Conversion Barrel for KWA ATP Kit

R.E.A.L. Conversion Barrel for KWA ATP Kit

  • Brand: LASER AMMO
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The Laser Ammo Recoil Enabled AirSoft Laser (R.E.A.L) Conversion Kit includes a replacement drop in barrel for KWA ATP airsoft pistols and a vibration activated SureStrike™ cartridge.

The R.E.A.L. Kit will have everything you need to convert any KWA ATP airsoft pistol into a laser emitting full blowback training pistol. Installation of the R.E.A.L Kit is done simply by replacing the stock barrel with the Kit assembly, and will enable users to start training with any of our electronic targets, training software or Smokeless Range simulator with 100% safety.
Develop & maintain your shooting skills: practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through, with the SureStrikeTM Airsoft adapter, with a full cycle and airsoft blow back.

 The SureStrikeTM Vibration cartridge is a 9mm cartridge that activates by the Vibration of the Airsoft and not by the firing pin like the conventional SureStrikeTM laser cartridge. The Vibration cartridge will convert your Airsoft to a laser emitting Airsoft pistol for a full blowback dry fire practice together with The Recoil Enabled AirSoft Laser (R.E.A.L) Conversion Kit.

*Will also work with the KSC / ASG17 (same barrel as KWA ATP)
**We do offer a version for the KSC / ASG19 upon request (please call to order)

***If using the Smokeless Range with any airsoft pistol, we recommend using an IR SureStrike Vibration Cartridge


  • Quick and easy to install
  • High accuracy - Quick and easy alignment
  • Full blowback simulates an operational firearm
  • Activates all electronic targets, training software and simulators
  • Does not interfere with laser sighting or flashlight attachment
  • Magazine simulates loaded weight magazine
  • Perfect for concealed carry or pistol firing technique training
  • Fits inside standard holsters
  • 100% safe to use anytime anywhere
  • Great in Force on Force training
  • Available in MILES configuration


M3 with 0.35mm threading (nonstandard)

Length: 3mm


Allen key:

1.5mm Allen/Hex key

(*) Will also work with the KSC / ASG17 (same barrel as KWA ATP)
(**) We do offer a version for the KSC / ASG19 upon request (please call to order)
(***) Laser Ammo can offer R.E.A.L. conversions for other air soft models for minimum orders of 50 units.
(****) Using the kit with the Airsoft gun might revoke the airsoft warranty. Please refer to your manufacturer user guide regarding warranty.

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