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  Catoma Tents Story

We started building tents in 1993 with our first tent built for the USDI Wilderness Firefighters. We needed a name for our company and with our facility located on the banks of the Catoma Creek, we decided to borrow its name and Catoma Outdoor was born. Since 1993, we have continued to design and build lightweight tents for the U.S.D.I. Forest Service and tactical customers. We use the latest technologies such as permethin treatment flys, SpeeDome, Ribcage, & Backbone frames.  We also have a new line of motorcyle touring tents that were built with the rider in mind to keep you going through all those twists and turns. Our mission statement says it all: Continually transforming our passion for the great outdoors into products and services that exceed your expectations.

Raider Sale


When we set out to design a sub-two pound tent, we didn’t want to give up many of the features that ..

$200.00$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

$200.00 $180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00



The Improved BedNet System (IBNS) was designed to fit securely onto a military cot with push-andlock..

$115.00$104.00 Ex Tax: $104.00

$115.00 $104.00 Ex Tax: $104.00



The Enhanced Bed Net System (EBNS) is built around the popular and proven Improved BedNet ..

$236.00$213.00 Ex Tax: $213.00

$236.00 $213.00 Ex Tax: $213.00

Combat I Sale

Combat I

The Combat Tent I is a three season solo tent built for easy setup and strong weather protection in ..

$276.00$249.00 Ex Tax: $249.00

$276.00 $249.00 Ex Tax: $249.00

Combat II Sale

Combat II

Based on the Marine 2 Person Combat Tent, the Combat 2 features an all clip pole system to provide s..

$418.00$377.00 Ex Tax: $377.00

$418.00 $377.00 Ex Tax: $377.00

Commando II Sale

Commando II

The Commando Series lightweight tents feature quick pole setup w/ clips, ring and pin assembly, and ..

$280.00$252.00 Ex Tax: $252.00

$280.00 $252.00 Ex Tax: $252.00

Commando III Sale

Commando III

The Commando Series lightweight tents feature quick pole setup w/ clips, ring and pin assembly, and ..

$332.00$299.00 Ex Tax: $299.00

$332.00 $299.00 Ex Tax: $299.00

Stealth Sale


The Stealth tactical tent has clips and sleeves for fast, easy setup in windy or night-time con..

$228.00$206.00 Ex Tax: $206.00

$228.00 $206.00 Ex Tax: $206.00

Combat Vehicle Crew Tent (CVCT) Sale

Combat Vehicle Crew ..

This tactical tent goes up in one minute with our patented Speedome system, providing immense living..

$720.00$648.00 Ex Tax: $648.00

$720.00 $648.00 Ex Tax: $648.00

Rainfly Kit for IBNS

Rainfly Kit for IBNS

Include this rainfly kit with your IBNS and you will have a complete Enhanced BedNet System. Pe..

$150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

$150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

BedNet Field Upgrade Kit

BedNet Field Upgrade..

We have finally come up with a solution for the customers out there who bought our original BedNet b..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

Armadillo Sale


At the request of U.S. Army SOCOM elements, we revisited the design of the EBNS to make it faster an..

$250.00$225.00 Ex Tax: $225.00

$250.00 $225.00 Ex Tax: $225.00

Badger Sale


The new Badger ultralight solo tent weighs less than three pounds and sets up in seconds. It is esse..

$219.00$203.00 Ex Tax: $203.00

$219.00 $203.00 Ex Tax: $203.00

The Phoenix Fire Tent Sale

The Phoenix Fire Ten..

Catoma Outdoor's Phoenix firefighting tent includes the patented Catoma Speedome frame that features..

$210.00$189.00 Ex Tax: $189.00

$210.00 $189.00 Ex Tax: $189.00

Raven Fire Tent Sale

Raven Fire Tent

We took the Falcon’s design and increased the center height to allow room for firefighters to pull o..

$242.00$218.00 Ex Tax: $218.00

$242.00 $218.00 Ex Tax: $218.00

Wind Creek Speedome Sale

Wind Creek Speedome

The Wind Creek is the largest of the firefighter tents and features everything you need for camping,..

$390.00$351.00 Ex Tax: $351.00

$390.00 $351.00 Ex Tax: $351.00

The Falcon Fire Tent Sale

The Falcon Fire Tent

Catoma Outdoor's Falcon firefighting tent includes the patented Catoma Speedome frame that features ..

$218.00$197.00 Ex Tax: $197.00

$218.00 $197.00 Ex Tax: $197.00

Igloo Fire Tent Sale

Igloo Fire Tent

We know some campers and firefighters need a little more from their tent, so we developed the Igloo ..

$376.00$339.00 Ex Tax: $339.00

$376.00 $339.00 Ex Tax: $339.00

Lone Rider Motorcycle Tent Sale

Lone Rider Motorcycl..

The Lone Rider sets up in 30 seconds using our patented Speedome system and immediately provides wea..

$272.00$245.00 Ex Tax: $245.00

$272.00 $245.00 Ex Tax: $245.00

2 Up 2 Motorcycle Tent Sale

2 Up 2 Motorcycle Te..

We modified our best-selling 2 Up according to your suggestions to make it an even better tent. The ..

$332.00$299.00 Ex Tax: $299.00

$332.00 $299.00 Ex Tax: $299.00

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