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M-65 Field Jacket Sale

M-65 Field Jacket

A handsome example of original 1960's cold war armed forces attire at its finest, the Cockpit USA ..

$370.00$333.00 Ex Tax: $333.00

$370.00 $333.00 Ex Tax: $333.00

Mountain Fur Hood Coat Sale

Mountain Fur Hood Co..

Our Mountain Fur Hood Coat is a field grade, mid length garment, boasting luxuri..

$550.00$495.00 Ex Tax: $495.00

$550.00 $495.00 Ex Tax: $495.00

N3B Long Parka Sale

N3B Long Parka

Adapted from the iconic 1950's Air Force Extreme Cold Weather parka, commonly re..

$600.00$562.50 Ex Tax: $562.50

$600.00 $562.50 Ex Tax: $562.50

B-11 Winter Parka Sale

B-11 Winter Parka

The father of the Air Force Snorkel Parka was the WWII Army Air Force B-11 Winter Parka in standar..

$445.00$382.50 Ex Tax: $382.50

$445.00 $382.50 Ex Tax: $382.50

Long Range Field Jacket Sale

Long Range Field Jac..

We have taken the sharp design of the M-51 Field Jacket and added a steer suede ..

$460.00$414.00 Ex Tax: $414.00

$460.00 $414.00 Ex Tax: $414.00

Omaha Beach M-43 Field Jacket Sale

Omaha Beach M-43 Fie..

First introduced in 1944 on the beaches of Normandy, the M-43 field jacket was a..

$120.00$108.00 Ex Tax: $108.00

$120.00 $108.00 Ex Tax: $108.00

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