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Get ready for the most advanced AR Pistol on the market. Introducing the FURY!! How did it get its name? Simple, this is one badass pistol. First, we started with the common problems that come along with this kind of fire power in such a condensed package, the massive heat the barrel acquires quickly due to length. Pistols normally get too hot to hold by the hand guards after 1 mag. Trust me, I have burn marks to prove it. We mitigated this issue by using a proprietary thermal hand guards designed to refract heat generated by the barrel, allowing the operator to continue to hold and control the pistol without getting burned, further increasing the accuracy. This brings your mag count up to about 4-5 before getting to hot to hold at a rate of fire about 1rd every 3/4 of a second. Adding the SIG “Stabilizer Brace” allows for that second point of contact and then of course your pistol grip, giving you 3 points of contact. This massively increases accuracy as well as a 416R SS Barrel and new cookie cutter muzzle break for compensating muzzle rise and recoil on short barrel rifles. Now taking pre orders. Reserve yours today.


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