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About Us

MoreTactical.com (MoreTactical Supply, LLC.) is a tactical equipment and outdoor supply company located in Tecumseh, OK. Products such as optics, food storage, tactical apparel and firearm accessories are a few items available at MoreTactical.com.  MoreTactical.com strives to provide products from the top manufacturers in the business and we have the most competitive prices out there. By maintaining minimal overhead and streamlining shipping processes, we are able to offer lower prices to our customers.

MoreTactical.com not only keeps our prices low but maintains an up to date product line and continuously improves upon it.  We also listen to our customers and their requests on available products and most of the time we will acquire them if we don't already carry them. We guarantee a quality service with a competitive price.

MoreTactical.com's MISSION STATEMENT!
The mission of MoreTactical.com is to provide exceptional customer service and the most competitive pricing on the market for tactical equipment and supplies.

We listen to our customers and make them our #1 priority. By efficient processes, beginning from the ordering of a product until it's delivered to your doorstep, it allows for more affordable pricing and product expansion. These innovative methods of business distinguish MoreTactical.com from the rest.

MoreTactical stands on an impeccable record, which further dedicates us to total customer fulfillment. MoreTactical was founded in order to provide a one-stop shopping service for all your tactical and outdoor needs. Whether you are looking for long-term food storage, shelter or optics, MoreTactical maintains a consistent product line. We serve the public, government, military and many law enforcement agencies. We keep our overhead low so we can pass the maximum savings onto our customers.

Our staff will go above and beyond our customer's expectations and we pride ourselves in making your shopping experience as easy as possible. Use our advanced search to locate a particular item of interest. Or just browse our "New Stuff", "Featured Items" or "Best Sellers" tabs. Rest assured, MoreTactical is constantly reviewing products to provide the best for our customers. We periodically review our vendor product lines to make certain they meet and exceed expectations.  We rely on our excellent reputation and word of mouth. We take a hands on approach to customer sales. Our company prides themselves on having excellent customer support that will walk the customer through the sales process one on one.

We take out those many layers that you have when buying from a retail store. When you shop at MoreTactical you know you are getting the service you have grown to expect. Are you mobile? Shop securely using your iOS, Android or Windows mobile enabled device. We are consistently seeking out and maintaining our technology. We use advanced industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption methods so you are protected whenever shopping on MoreTactical.com. And remember... "Don't Be Average, Be MoreTactical!"

Our vision is to become the largest comprehensive tactical equipment site in the world.